Ulysees Gilbert Pays Off Layaways for the Fourth Year in a Row

NFL Star Ulysees Gilbert III poses with Pay Away the Layaway recipient and her daughter during a past pay-off event.

Ocala and Tampa, FL – Ulysees Gilbert, linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, surprised families at Citi Trends stores in Ocala and Tampa, Florida on December 21st, 2022.

Nearly 80 families had their layaway balances paid in full by the football star. The surprise came just one day before all unclaimed layaway items were going to be returned to the shelves.

This is the fourth year Gilbert has worked with Pay Away the Layaway to surprise families. Since 2019, he has helped spread cheer and pay off unsuspecting families layaways in time for the holidays.

In 2019, Ulysees helped to surprise 60 families at the Ocala Burlington store by paying off their layaways just before the holidays. One woman who had her layaway paid said it was the kindest gesture she had ever received. He also partnered with Pay Away in 2020 and 2021 to pay off a total of 141 layaways in Ocala and Orlando Florida.

About Pay Away

Pay Away the Layaway’s mission is to spread joy and kindness to families. For 10 years, the organization has surprised unsuspecting families by paying off their layaway balances across the country. Give now at payaway.org/give