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Retailers for nationwide impact

We help families pay off layaway balances that include children’s items, such as games, toys, books, backpacks, clothes and coats.

Holiday Layaways

Every year, stores offer layaway programs that let people pay for items over time. Thousands of families across the country purchase children’s gifts on layaway.

Thanks to generous supporters, Pay Away the Layaway visits stores and surprises families by paying off their remaining layaway balances.
We partner with major retailers like Burlington and Citi Trends, as well as the Army and Air Force Exchange and Navy Exchange to  pay off layaways for children and families nationwide. Our support has made a difference for over 10,000 families, guaranteeing them the joy of opening presents during the holidays.

Back to School Support

With the cost of back to school essentials often adding up, layaway programs offer a way for families to manage expenses over time. Parents and children select supplies like backpacks, notebooks, clothing, and electronics, and gradually pay for them in installments. 

Through our dedicated supporters, Pay Away the Layaway guarantees children are well-prepared for school, and eases financial strain on parents by paying off layaway balances before the start of the school year.

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