Celebrating Our Volunteers

Volunteers like Jean Stormann, who first joined Pay Away at a Citi Trends back-to-school payoff event in Cranston, RI, last year, are a driving force behind our mission to inspire hope and spread kindness.

“I went into that first event feeling really excited to have an opportunity to give back to my community, but to be able to see the joy and relief in a parent’s face when you’re able to tell them that their child’s back-to-school items are completely paid off was just amazing. I couldn’t wait to help again and have been a part of two Pay Away payoff events since.”

Jean is one of hundreds of individuals nationwide that give their time and talents in support of Pay Away’s mission to inspire hope and spread kindness. In recognition of their efforts, this National Volunteer Week, we’re joining the movement to highlight the incredibly important role that our volunteers–and others around the country–play in tackling some of society’s greatest challenges and building stronger communities.

Volunteers have been a part of Pay Away from the beginning. With their signature red and green shirts, individuals like Stormann wear many hats in helping our organization to make a difference for as many as possible.

From helping us to identify the needs in their community, to working with store associates to organize and distribute bags of merchandise, to greeting special guests, to delivering the news to community members that their layaway balances have been paid off, our volunteers do it all. It’s not uncommon that their contributions are met with tears of joy and hugs–and for good reason.

“I would tell someone that is thinking of volunteering with Pay Away that there is no better feeling than seeing the joy, relief and excitement at a Pay Away event. I know that I’m making a tangible impact, and showing the importance of supporting those in our community to my children as well,” said Stormann.

Today and every day, we want to express our gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers that selflessly give their time in support of our mission. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can do the same, please reach out to us over email at info@payaway.org.