Easing the Back-to-School Burden: the Role of Layaway

Pay Away volunteers surprise mom and daughter with paid off layaway items.

For many parents and caregivers, back-to-school brings both excitement and stress. The anticipation of a new school year is often overshadowed by the financial burden of purchasing necessary supplies. Many parents and caregivers turn to back-to-school layaway programs to ease the burden.

Recent data indicates that families expect to spend an average of $890 on back-to-school items. This figure includes the cost of clothing, shoes, backpacks, supplies, and essential electronics like laptops and tablets. Amid reports that 67% of families have observed higher prices on these items, this high cost significantly strains household budgets.

Adding to the financial pressure, 56% of families start shopping by early July. This early start often stems from the need to spread out costs and take advantage of early discounts. For parents and caregivers, especially those with tight budgets, layaway programs become crucial financial tools. Layaway allows families to pay for items over time, making it easier to manage the high cost of back-to-school shopping. Unlike credit cards, layaway programs typically do not charge interest, making them more affordable.

Pay Away the Layaway believes that every student should feel confident, prepared, and empowered with the supplies they need to succeed in school. By helping pay off layaway balances, Pay Away ensures more students start the school year with the tools they need to thrive.

Support during this season is crucial. School supplies are not just about pencils and notebooks; they represent a student’s readiness to learn. Without necessary supplies, students may feel unprepared, in turn impacting their confidence and academic performance.

By addressing the financial challenges of back-to-school shopping through layaway support, we create a more equitable and supportive environment for all students. Help us to ensure every student has the opportunity to feel confident, prepared, and empowered this school year by making a donation at payaway.org/give.