Jenna Bush Hager and Today Join Pay Away in Surprising 210 Families

Brooklyn, NY – Jenna Bush Hager and the Today Show joined Pay Away the Layaway and surprised 210 families at a Burlington Store in Brooklyn on November 15, 2023.

Pay Away volunteers were joined by Jenna Bush Hager as they set to work, getting ready to deliver the surprise of a lifetime to families gathered at the Brooklyn store.

“We’ve heard so much about so many families struggling this year, and really stretching to make the holiday what they want it to be,” said Executive Director Julie Sullivan, as volunteers gathered 210 layaways containing children’s toys and clothing, preparing for the big surprise.

As Jenna delivered the news that their balances had been paid in full, the crowd erupted into celebration from tears of joy, to dancing. Grateful customers received their layaway balances filled with holiday gifts for loved ones.

Pay Away’s mission is to spread joy and kindness to families. For over 10 years, the organization has surprised unsuspecting families by paying off their layaway balances across the country.

You can help spread kindness this year by making a donation at